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Throughout my Management Information Systems class I learned a great deal about Microsoft Excel and Access. Learning both of these programs gave me a lot of challenges but it turned out to be very rewarding in the end. I had already learned a little bit about Excel through work but what I learned in class took it up a level. At the beginning I learned to create a tutoring log to keep track of all tutoring sessions. Throughout the course I expanded on that to eventually create a database that would keep track of all sessions, revenue, client information, and employees. I learned to generate reports so as to see only the requested information. This database streamlined the business and made it much easier to manage.

I learned some very valuable skills that have already helped me in my work environment. In addition to learning skills for my work environment I also learned valuable skills for my personal life. An example would be that I now use spreadsheets to manage many different things such as finances, exercise plans, and even grocery lists. If I could have done this project again I would have tried to challenge myself by creating a much more challenging database. I would have done this by inserting more tables and having to form much more intricate relationships between these tables.

IS Technician


I have been working at WARCO BILTRITE since I graduated high school in June 2015. It was always summer and winter breaks up until very recently that it became year round. Over these past few years I have learned a lot of things such as teamwork, mental toughness, and integrity. I realize that nothing can ever be done on your own and if you ask for help you will most likely receive it. The workplace may not always be the most comfortable place for you to be for many reasons. Learning how to get out of my comfort zone has really helped me develop mental toughness. Learning integrity has by far been the most valuable lesson that I have learned thus far. Having administrative rights at work gives great power but I have learned that although I may have that power it does not mean that I have to use it. I have learned to protect people’s personal information as if it were my own and I believe that is a great accomplishment.

Just one of the projects that I have done is to help on the company’s website (linked below). I have helped create certain product pages and I am currently helping completely redesign the entire website and e-commerce.

In addition to helping on this website I also help on the company’s internal website. I have created several reports that help make the work of other departments much easier and much more streamlined.